The marketplace is changing before our very eyes. Environmental consciousness, energy efficiency and lifestyle are driving the new models for development. We believe that "New Urban" is fast becoming more than just a catch phrase, and its concept of creatively integrating residential and commercial uses will become a driving force even in suburban markets. The influence of the diverse "Baby Boomers" demographic (born 1946 to 1964) is having an unprecedented impact on real estate development, as well. At Spicewood Development, we continue to innovate and grow with each project and with the rapidly changing marketplace. Consequently, our interests for new projects in the future include High Density/Low Maintenance Residential Communities, both for sale and for lease, and Mixed-use Developments with a vibrant residential component. Our assistance and expertise can be utilized in a variety of ways. We have an entrepreneurial mindset and always look for the intrinsic value in a project. Our overhead requirements are low and we prefer to see our largest returns generated through the success of the project, which makes us an excellent Joint Venture Partner.

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